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How to Make a Large Pot Holder Hot Pad

The kitchen is not just about boiling, baking and frying, No. It's also about keeping things in their right perspective, neatly and safely. Protection and maintenance are the watchwords. So today, we are learning how to make a large potholder hot pad. This protects the surface of the table top as well as your hands, so it's a twofold usage. Now, why don't you open this free tutorial and make as many of this protection for yourself and as gifts for loved ones!

Materials needed:

  • 13-inch by 9-inch fabric piece for the top
  • 16-inch by 12-inch fabric piece for the bottom
  • 2 13-inch by 9-inch pieces of fusible batting
  • Straight edge
  • Disappearing ink pen
  • Wonder clips (or paper clips or pins)

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