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Super Easy Pull-on Mini Skirt

Ok, ok, a mini skirt now? In the fall? When it is cold? Stop! I know, haha! But take a good look at this skirt. It can be perfect for any season. I think I need to explain more elaborate. Ok, for the summer this skirt will be perfect in a light, airy material. Well, in the fall or winter, this skirt can be made in a thicker fabric. Think about tweed, it’s in fashion right now. Get some thick tights with this skirt, and voila!

Materials needed:

  • 1 to 1.5 yards of fabric (wovens or knits will work); more if you are matching patterns
  • One yard or less of lining, if you choose to line it
  • 3/4" elastic the length of your (or your girl's) just-below-the-waist measurement
  • Coordinating thread

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