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DIY Soother Clips

Are those soothers always on the floor? Yeah, can be really frustrating! You will have to pick it up and do some washing, that’s if the baby hasn’t put it back in his or her mouth. Yeah, not very hygienic! What about when our little ones constantly misplace their soothers? Yeah, not good for our pockets. So, let’s make some cute soother clips for our little ones!

Materials needed:

  • a scrap of cotton quilting fabric (at least 4" wide by 12" long, with an extra 2" wide by 24" long strip if you want to make the ruffle or flower embellishment)
  • one 1" wide metal suspender/pacifier clip 
  • one pearl snap 
  • a pair of snap pliers (to fasten the snap pieces to the soother clip strap)

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