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How to Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Hii guys. Would you care to join me on this wonderful journey to sew up the cute Tooth Fairy Pillow! I'm sure your kids would be really excited when you show them this cutie. This pattern is totally beginner friendly, so you don't have to worry at all. It's super easy and so quick that you could sew one up in 30 minutes. To get started, check out our free step by step guidelines which comes with a free video.

Materials needed:

  • fabric – 1/4 yard of white fleece or cotton
  • fabric – small piece of red or colored fabric for the mouth/pocket
  • tooth fairy pillow template 
  • polyester stuffing (you’ll need a lot more than you think you’ll need!)
  • matching thread
  • scissors (or rotary cutter and a cutting mat)

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