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DIY Fabric Wallet

Hey guys. Today we are learning to make as the name suggests, the perfect fabric wallet. It’s the perfect name for a perfect wallet! With this wallet, you can now carry as many of your cards as you wish, because it's made with a lot of compartments so there is plenty of space for storing them. And best of all, this wallet is stylish, beautiful and extremely lightweight. It's really outdone itself yeah!? So then what are you waiting for, you don't need to tell me twice before I rush to make this amazing piece! 

Materials needed:

  • 3 fat quarters, 2$ each at Wal-Mart; you'll only need all of the one for the card slots, the other 2 FQ will have half leftover so you could use 1/8ths if you have some
  • 7" zipper, 1.35$, FabricVille
  • Button, 2.50$ for 2 so 1 for 1.25$, FabricVille
  • Interface, 1$ for 1m, Fabricland
  • Coordinating thread, 3.50$, FabricVille

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