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How to Make Snuggly Slipper Boots

Hullo to you my guys out there. Winter is  here and either you live it or not you gotta accept it and so, prepare to meet it in style. I saw this snuggly slipper boots at a friend's and fell hook, line and sinker in love only to discover it's a DIY project. My excitement went roof tops as I got the free pattern guide and here I am sharing with you guys so you all can sit back, relax and DIY

Materials needed:

  • 30cm (3/8 yards) of main fabric - medium to heavy-weight sweatshirting, fleece, velour or woven cotton
  • Matching thread
  • 30cm (3/8 yards) of lining fabric - cosy faux fur, fleece, jersey, fleece, velour or flannel
  • 30cm of cotton wadding (3/8 yards)
  • Optional: Anti-slip rubber dotted fabric (we found ours on Ebay)
  • Sewing machine and basic tools

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