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Super Easy Robot Toy

Hello there, friends. This little man is a Yes! Yes! for all because toys can never be too many for children and making this robot toy will surely be a lot of fun for you as it was for me. The robot toy tutorial came right on time for us to ensure a successful DIY experience. I dived in and came up with the perfect robot toy and you all know me, I can't but share a good experience. So, check out the tutorial and get yourself those super robot toys!

Materials needed:

  • Fleece fabric: silvery grey, 50x90cm (20x35in)
  • Fleece fabric: yellow, 35x45cm (14x18in)
  • Felt: white, 20x12cm (8x5in)
  • Cotton fabric A (color 1 for keypad): 7x10cm (23/4x4in)
  • Cotton Fabric B (color  2 for keypad): 7x10cm (23/4x4in)
  • Cotton Fabric C (for side control panel): 6x9cm (3x4in)
  • Cotton Fabric D (for bottom control panel): 11x6cm (5x3in)
  • Safety eyes: black, 12mm (½in) x 2
  • Metal teeth zip: white 15cm (6in)
  • Polyester toy filling
  • Stranded cotton: black and extra colors for detailing
  • Water erasable pen

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