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DIY Baby Swing

Hey mums and dads out there. You don't have to splurge on that rocker or baby bouncer when you can make this functional and lovely baby swing all by yourself, and I can bet it as a cheaper option. You wondering how? By opening the free, yes free, tutorial below and following the instructions step by step. Gift this to an expectant couple or new mother and you have friends for life. So friends, give your children the lively time they need with this, even in your tiny room, it will find comfortable room!

Materials needed:

  • Fabric – get about 2 metres of sturdy drill, denim or upholstery fabric
  • Batting – about 1 metre of lightweight batting which will pad out the fabric and make it all a bit firmer
  • Rope – you’ll need about 5 metres of rope depending on how low you’d like the swing to hang
  • Dowel rod – 1.6m length of 19mm oak dowel will work perfectly
  • Two steel carabiners 
  • Two steel hooks (eye screws) to hang the swing from the ceiling
  • Two thick zip ties to secure the rope in place

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