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How to Sew a Cross Body Zipper Tote

Hello friends. I have always seen this body tote and wondered if it is possible to make it myself. Then I came by the tutorial and was simply ecstatic. So, I went to work and came out with my own lovely tote. You all know me, I just have to share with you all. So, here is the tutorial for this lovely body tote to carry light stuff with you around and in a stylish way too!

Materials needed:

  • 9 fabric strips 2 1/2'' x 9'' (for the tote exterior)
  • 1 fabric rectangle 18 1/2'' x 9'' (for the tote interior)
  • 1 rectangle of fusible fleece 18 1/2' x 9''
  • 1 zipper 9'' or longer
  • 2 pieces of twill tape or ribbon that are 1/2'' - 1'' wide and 2 1/2'' long (to make the strap loops)
  • 60'' piece of rope, twill tape, or ribbon for the strap 

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