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DIY Stroller Friendly Diaper Bag

Hey nursing mums in the house. Get the free tutorial for making this stroller-friendly diaper bag and take your baby for a fully equipped stroll at any time you wish. This bag puts your mind at peace when you're out for a breath of fresh air with your baby. The tutorial is shared below to give you a marvelously successful DIY time. Good luck!

Materials needed:

  • 2 yards outer fabric 
  • 2 yards lining 
  • 2 yards interfacing 
  • one 18" separating zipper (or longer and you can cut it down)
  • two 12" zippers
  • two 6" zippers
  • 1/4" elastic (you need about 20" total)
  • one D-ring
  • one swivel hook clasp
  • 6 sets heavy duty metal snaps (make sure they come with the tool you need to attach the snaps)
  • thread

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