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Beautiful Partly Sunny Frock

Hello friends. Sure you can make this partly sunny frock yourself. I know you can. Then it's outing time in style. The outfit is stylish and trendy, so you can be sure your wardrobe will thank you for this DIY effort. Your guide is right below in the form of a great and clear tutorial that will just teach you right to get this flock sewn easily and quickly.

Materials needed:

  • 1 yard of main fabric for bodice and skirt
  • 8" of collar fabric
  • 12" of sheer fabric for yoke
  • 3 yards of piping (four if you're adding piping to waist)
  • 2 yards of bias tape for armhole opening and collar seam allowance
  • 20"-22" invisible zipper
  • disappearing ink marker

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