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DIY Wine Carrier

Hey guys. Get ready! I’m going to show you how to sew a bag, but not just any bag… . A wine Carrier bag. With the holidays upon us, I have been coming across some awesome tutorials that lend themselves to the gift-giving season. This one is no exception! This carrier is designed to Carry your wine bottles more easily, now you can just simply keep them in a carrier and carry a bunch at once without getting worried of them dropping.  And it’s actually a very easy pattern to sew. Click on the sewing tutorial down below and see for yourselves!

Materials needed:

  • Outer layer ( fabric )
  • 1 17㎝ × 67.5㎝(6¾″ × 26¾″)
  • 1 32㎝ × 5.5㎝(12¾″ × 2¼″)
  • 1 Strip of 2㎝(3/4″) wide Webbing Strap 45㎝(18″)

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