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How to Make Pan Handle Holders

How's it going friends. Hot pads and oven mitts are great, but sometimes can be overkill when all you need to do is to just take the pan off the fire. But with this pan handle holder, you get to protect your hand from the hot pan with having to struggle with looking for a bigger material to hold it with! For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a handle cover to pull out when it’s time to move or adjust the pan so you can keep your hands away from the heat. And you can get the simple pattern for this right below by clicking the link! 

Materials needed:

  • Cotton Fabric 
  • Thermal Batting – Insulated batting such as Insul-Bright. NOTE: Thermal batting contains metal foil. Do not use these in the microwave.
  • Thread
  • Bias Tape – If you have leftover from the pot holder project use that or make your own bias tape following my instructions
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins or Sewing clips (these are great!)
  • Sewing Machine

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