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Fred And Wilma Flintstone Costume DIY

Hey friends. Check out these Fred and Wilma's costumes and say you don't remember the modern stone age family.Yeah, we have the free tutorial for these costumes, so let's hit the tutorial open button, get our materials together and follow the instructions to ensure a marvelous DIY experience right away. The Flintstones got to be brought to our homes in their costumes to add fun to that kids party!

Materials needed:

  • One yard of orange felt
  • A quarter yard of black felt
  • A quarter yard of blue felt or any other thick material
  • A yard of white felt or thick fleece (basically a stiffer fabric than cotton)
  • Some Large round beads (white if you can find them)
  • A cord
  • White spray paint (if you have white beads for Wilma’s necklace no need for this)

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