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How to Sew Sweater Mittens

Hello again guys. It's finally getting really cold outside, so it is time we started preparing and there is no better place to start from than this set of mittens that would hide our fingers nicely in the warmth. The mittens are a little longer so that they stay nicely in the jacket and are just perfect so the children's wrists are not cold. With all that said, I see no reason for you not to start this right away!

Materials needed:

  • mitten fabric, ⅓ yd (wool suggested, woven or knit)
  • batting, ⅓ yd (optional, cotton or wool)
  • lining, ⅓ yd (any soft woven or knit)
  • elastic, 8” (¼” – ¾” wide)
  • embroidery floss and needle, if you choose to attach elastic and finish wrist by hand

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