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DIY Unicorn Hoodie Costume with Rainbow Tutu

Sing along, don't play with my tutu! Yes, just give them more tutu to do the pirouette and in rainbow colors too!! Ain't you excited about this very bright and colorful performance costume. It’s a unicorn hoodie costume with a rainbow tutu! How cool is that? The tutorial is an easy route to getting this done, so let's make this lovely unicorn costume for our beautiful ballerinas and drama queens! Haha!

Materials needed:

  • white hoodie
  • white leggings
  • less than 1/4 yd of stretchy gold fabric for the horn
  • gold embroidery thread for the horn
  • 1 sheet of white felt for the ears
  • pink felt for the tummy and ears
  • fleece in 6 different colors, 1/2 yd. of each (or you could use 3 colors and get 1 yd each, etc.)
  • tulle in 6 different colors, 1 yd of each
  • 1.5″ satin ribbon in coordinating colors, 2-3 yds of each (depends on the size of your skirt)
  • thread in coordinating colors
  • wide elastic for tutu waistband
  • narrow elastic for hood

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