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DIY Laminated Toiletry Bag

Hello there friends. You know you can organize your toiletries much more and be better organized when they are all in a neat and safe place where you can easily reach for them as the need arises. That's why I felt I should share the DIY guide for this nice and laminated toiletry bag, so you can get to sit down and do it yourself in your own time. You get it at a cheaper rate and you can have it in various material designs to suit your taste. So, open the guide here and jump into the easy and quick process of not only making your own toiletry bag but also laminating it for more lasting usage!

Materials needed:

  • 11” x 9” lining laminated cotton, 2 pieces
  • 12″ -14″ Polyester Zipper
  • Usual sewing supplies (rotary cutter, mat, sewing machine etc.) 
  • 11” x 9” exterior laminated cotton, 2 pieces

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